Machine Learning (TxML)

Community bringing together top ML experts, operators,
and founders across the CMU network to
build startups and accelerate their careers

Community Kickoff: February 15th, 2022
Deadline to Apply: January 28th, 2022

Apply now!

What does the community offer?

Strongest Network of Tartans in ML
Join network of the top Tartans working in ML that will continue to strengthen and grow.

Slack Community
Have ongoing access to curated community of Tartans in ML to help you through everyday challenges.

Deep Dives and Discussions
Learn from top peers and guests to expand your knowledge on relevant industry topics.

Curated Connections
Get bi-weekly personalized curated matches with other members of the community.

Social and Networking Events
Build deep relationships with others who are passionate about ML.

First-hand advice
Get direct guidance in a supportive environment from individuals who have been there.

Idea and Build Jams
Find other collaborators to brainstorm ideas and build with.

CMU Startups
Learn what top CMU ML startups are building and explore opportunities there.

... and much more

Join a trusted community of ML founders, leaders and operators

Our members are ambitious operators and leaders who share a passion for building the future of machine learning. They come from diverse backgrounds and they all share a strong spirit of service.

Our vision is to build the strongest network of Tartans working in ML.

Who is this community for?

Ambitious Founders

Build your company

  • Validate your startup ideas
  • Connect with peers, mentors, and collaborators
  • Connect with industry leaders across the CMU network
  • Hire top CMU talent

Operators & Engineers

Accelerate your career

  • Get guidance and build your network to accelerate your career
  • Explore opportunities at top CMU ML startups
  • Collaborate with like-minded peers on new ideas and projects

Industry Experts

Connect with builders & leaders

  • Exchange learnings with other leaders
  • Support the next generation of fellow CMU founders
  • Push the industry and community forward with your expertise

Why Apply?

Connect with the best across the CMU community

Build long-lasting relationships with other ambitious Tartans who share a passion for ML and startups.

First-hand guidance

Find solutions to real-life challenges by calling on this diverse support network of knowledgeable and curious peers.

Practical learning opportunities

Regularly expand and refresh your knowledge on a variety of in-demand and relevant topics that you can apply immediately to your career.

Types of events

Get involved

  • Share your experiences and learnings as a founder with the group.
  • We can work with you to find format you are most comfortable with (presentation, fireside chat, AMA, facilitating discussion, etc)
  • Commitment: 1hr Zoom on Thursday evening
  • If you’re open to being a resource for CMU alumni participating in the program
  • We can work with you to find structure that is most effective such as setting up Office Hours, answering questions in a Slack channel, or connect to you with individuals you are well-positioned to help
  • Commitment: as your schedule permits
  • If you’re open to providing feedback as we develop curriculum and structure of the program
  • Commitment: as your schedule permits


Do I need to have a background in ML to participate?
How large will this community be?
Why is the space in this upcoming cohort limited?
How will this community be structured?
What are the expectations and time commitment as a member of the community?
What does it cost?
Are there scholarships available?
Is this a fully remote program?
Is this community only open to CMU alumni?
Who runs TartanX? How is it affiliated with CMU?
What are you looking for in community members?
Whom should I reach out to with further questions?